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WE HAVE MORE PICTURES OF THIS ITEM AVAILABLE - PLEASE EMAIL US AND WE'LL SEND THEM TO YOU. Here's a rare chance to own a superb example of late Victorian technology. This is a stunning c1900 mahogany and brass 1/2 and 1/4 glass plate camera which includes the original tripod, extra plates, plate holders, photographer's guide and other items. Thornton-Pickard was a renowned maker and distributor of fine cameras and this early model, probably a Ruby, is certainly one of the nicest, and in superb original condition as well. It includes the brass mounted mahogany body (serial number 6337) fitted with the brass bottom wheel for mounting of the original three-leg adjustable brass-mounted tripod. It retains the original leather carrying handle (this camera collapses for easy transport). It retains the original black leather bellows which remain in excellent shape (shown slack in one of the pictures - it extends fully and cleanly as expected) and all screws and mounts are intact and fully functional. Included is a 1911 Wellcome Photographic Exposure Record from the London, Ontario, Canada owner which has a later notation describing the lens as an F.H. Dowblet with a T-P shutter; this booklet also has an exposure calculation wheel as well as shutter, picture and other information. Also included are three mahogany and metal slide McKenzie Wishart film and plate holders allowing 6 further plates to be exposed (numbered with ivory discs from 1-6). The lens assembly has the original wrapped pull cord and the ivory discs showing the speed settings and another with the T-P identification information (TIME & INST. PATENT THORNTON-PICKARD). Also included in this suite is a cardstock case with five unexposed glass 1/4 plates (2 broken, 3 intact), three black patinated metal double sided (#1-6) 1/4 plate carriers in the original cloth wrapped carry case, an extra loose metal mounted plate from one of the carriers, some old newspaper scraps that wrapped some of the plates, four exposed 1/2 plates (uniformed guard, couple in front of house in London, Ontario, three landscapes with a newspaper clipping showing the bridge over a river which is one of the views on the plates) plus a 1/4 plate showing a school soccer player. We have reversed the image with our photo software so you can see the couple (available in our email picture files). Conditon on this intact and rare package is exemplary - some minor corner bashes to the wood of the lens housing and some very minor signs of gentle use and some fraying and loss to the shutter cord and minor wear to the carrying handle, but overall it is astounding this setup has remained intact and in such archive-worthy condition. All items are thoroughly and conservatively graded and all condition issues are noted; all items are vintage or antique and may have slight signs of gentle use. Expedited tracked and insured parcel shipping to the U.S. starts at $75 (other spots may vary). Items paid with a credit card will be shipped to confirmed addresses only. We do ship internationally. All of our prices are in $US. PLEASE NOTE: we DO NOT accept PayPal, only VISA and MASTERCARD.